Thursday Throwdown: So Good, So Good, So Good

Last week, I was at a user conference hosted by $dayJob in Boston. I brought my gentleman associate with me, and he wandered around the city all week while I was doing my thing at the conference. We extended our stay for a few days so that I could see more of Boston than just Logan and the inside of the Copley Marriot.

We went to two Red Sox games (including the record breaking 28-5 Jays win), we went to Boston Common, we went to Boston Library and Long Wharf. We walked a good portion of the Freedom Trail We had many many seafood delights – the lobster and the clam chowder and the oysters on the half. So good. It was a really good trip for us all. So today, friends, I dedicate the throwdown to the good people of Boston. Given the shellacking that the Red Sox got on our watch , it didn’t seem right to include Tessie in the mix, but I got a few other Fenway classics in the mix instead.

So get yourself some peanuts and crackerjacks, friends, we’re shipping up to Boston!

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