Thursday Throwdown: August 4, 2022

It’s Guilty Pleasure time, friends.

I know, I know. Usually when this happens I’ve got some terrible (if by terrible you mean AMAZING) mix with, like Pia Zadora and Boney M and ABBA and Olivia Newton-John (Look away if you must, but there will NEVER be a time when I’m not obligated to share (clapclapclap) XANADU! with all y’all. Sorrynotsorry. Peak 70’s with rollerskating and mirrored panels and parquet floor. I swoon, friends. I SWOON!)

Ahem… But I digress…

This Throwback playlist has none of that. But it does have some pretty compelling guilty pleasure songs that make me chair-dance in my office and make my Gentleman Associate change the Sirius Radio channel if we happen upon ANY of them – they’re just that good. He can’t handle the truth.

Where were we? Ah yes, the list.

This started with the Michael Jackson and it spun out from there. So without further ado, I give you this week’s playlist:

Extra Credit:

The story of Mama se mama sa mama coosa

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