Thursday Throwdown: September 15, 2022

Well, Friends, the weather has caught up to the month. When I walk King Louie in the evenings, there’s a definite chill in the air. There are leaves starting to collect on the windward side of the sidewalk, still bright as I crunch through them. This is my favourite time of year. Windows wide open all day, but hoodies in the evening.
My diet changes to wanting the comfort of soup and slow braised and roasted vegetables. I’ve got 36 of roasted tomato sauce put up for the winter, and if I can get more half bushels, I’ll put up more.
My musical taste also seems to change this time of year to slower, more intense offerings. Which is where we’re starting to find ourselves. I mean, we’re not going to be emo ’til spring or anything… But the music that’s more evocative of swishing your legs through fallen leaves wearing a great sweater and drinking a hot apple cider. Ah yes, that.

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