Thursday Throwdown: All Mary, Full of Beats

Nananananana! You say it’s your birthday? Nananananana! It’s my birthday… erm… on Sunday. So you know the drill, the throwdown before my birthday is all about me!

I sometimes joke about how dinosaurs roamed the land and the earth was still cooling when I was young (and I know, *technically* it’s still cooling), but want to know what else actually happened 50 years ago? Well, let me tell you:

  • The Music from Grease was published and the play opened on Broadway. Tell me more, tell me more!
  • Watergate, and the start of the stupid trend of ending everything scandalous in “-gate”.
  • Launch of the Space Shuttle program
  • The last US Ground troops pulled out of Vietnam
  • Nolan Bushnell and Ted Danby co-founded Atari and released the arcade version of Pong.
  • M*A*S*H premiered on TV.
  • CAT scans were developed in England
  • Prozac was patented
  • The Godfather won a bunch of Oscars
  • The world’s first non-military communications satelite was launched
  • The Summit Series of Hockey

Wild, huh? I mean, I’m still partly in denial that the glorious music from the 80’s was as long ago as World War 2 was when we were listening to said glorious music. So if you need me to enable you this weekend, have a frosty beverage, a sugary pastry, or a pile of oversalted fries in celebration. We’ll get back to being responsible… later.

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