Grati-Tuesday – October 25, 2022

A leaf, upside down on a paved sidewalk. There are beads of rain dotting the yellpw of the leaf.

My dad really, really doesn’t like the change of season from summer to fall and winter. He doesn’t think that the leaves turning colour is as glorious to behold as I do. He thinks that the bare trees are ugly. He loves he spring – green growth and opportunity, and no amount of reminding him about the bloated dog poop newly emerged from being buried for 3 months (and that particular fragrance that accompanies it) will dissuade him. I love this time of year – the potential for lovely bright sunny days with crisp cool evenings. The oranges, reds, and yellows of the urban tree canopy, the crunch underfoot of the leaves already dropped. I’ll take that deal all day long.
So, to the gratitude!

I’m thankful for all the decorated porches in my neighbourhood. Some are fully decked out with inflatable ghosts that look like refugees of some Wild Hunt rave party. Some have cornstalks and scarecrows. Mine has multicolour (real) pumpkins and some rusty-gold chrysanthemums.

I’m thankful for the folks in my neighbourhood celebrating Diwali this week. While they are celebrating the victory of good over evil and light over dark, I get to enjoy the fireworks that are part of their celebrations. In the spirit of Diwali, may we all be showered with love and blessings for a brighter and happier tomorrow.

I’m thankful for the people on my team at work. We’re all kind of underwater with too much to do and not enough time to do it – and no respite until probably February. Still, we approach our days with humour and we support each other as we struggle to figure out (and finish) our collective top priority things. It’s easy to turn inward and not want to help when you feel like you’re drowning. My team is doing a magnificent job of making sure everyone has their oxygen mask.

I’m thankful for the opportunity that I had yesterday to vote in municipal elections. It’s not an ordeal for me to vote – I don’t have to walk or stand outside in the elements for hours to fulfill my civic responsibility. I’m not harassed, attacked, intimidated, or threatened as I make my choices. I’m saddened by the fact that only 30% of my city voted, which means that we’re now governed by the opinions of less than 15% of us. Most of my choices won – some did not. To the ones that lost their seats or decided not to run again, I’m thankful that they tried to make my city a better place.

I’m thankful once again for the impact the Arts has on my life. This week, a friend and I were back at Stratford to see Richard III, with the incomparable Colm Feore in the title role. They started the show with a dramatization of when Richard’s bones were found under a parking lot in Leicester, and then the house lights went dim, and the excavation hole got bright, and Richard walked up out of the hole. So smart. Very well done. Thank you again, Stratford Festival, for the gift you give your patrons.

Semi-related – I’m glad that my friend and I took some time to wander around the downtown before the show. We visited shops I’d never been in (but definitely will visit again).

That’s my week, friends! If you can choose to be anything this week, choose to be grateful.

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