Grati-Tuesday: November 22

A yellow and white coloured large dog laying on his side, asleep in a sunbeam.

In October, King Louie’s groomer retired, so after 12 years, we had to find a new groomer to tend to the royal de-sasquatch-ification.  I asked friends at work if they had a suggestion for a groomer who deals with large old dogs. And that is where today’s gratitude list starts.

When I asked for recommendations, a dozen came in – groomers that they themselves use, that their neighbour or mom or siblings use, friends who are groomers… So I’m thankful for the generosity of dog owners to share the great people who care for their doggos.

I looked at the website of one that was recommended by a few people (one of whom has a very large VERY furry dog). They had different groomers with different specialties (small dogs, large dogs, old dogs, short hair dogs, long hair dogs, special needs dogs). So I’m thankful for the Fur-ever Loved pet salon for their diligence on their website.

When I spoke to the folks at Fur-ever Loved, they said that they certainly could take me, and had a groomer that would fit King Louie’s needs. But, they also sometimes referred old dogs to another groomer who specifically (and only) worked with older dogs who needed slower pace and more gentle grooming for looser skin, with rests along the way for old arthritic bones to get a break. So I’m thankful that Fur-ever Loved was looking out for the animals ahead of their own financial gain.

I called TLC Groomery and Susan asked a bunch of questions about Louie, and  – a happy stroke of luck – there was a cancellation for this week! So I’m thankful that Susan took the time to ask me about Louie’s preferences and demeanor and personality so that she could do the very best for him. 

If you can choose to be anything this week, friends, choose to be grateful.

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