Thursday Throwdown – January 26, 2023

So this morning, I said to myself, “Self, we should get a throwdown playlist together so it’s ready to go on Thursday”.
Except that today is Thursday – It’s been that kind of week.
I mean, I know why – I had a day off on Tuesday for an impromptu trip out of town, and I spoke in a Mental Health panel yesterday at $dayjob, and the day’s productivity after that was… limited. The HR folks who organized the panel said the panelists could have the day off (because talking frankly about your mental health challenges is… challenging). I figured that since I spoke about the aftermath of my seizure experiment and unwelcome results of two years ago, I didn’t need to take the time. Yeah, probably should have taken the time as offered. Anyway, ince I’ve monkeyed around with my regularly-scheduled routine, it could be any day, really.
Which is to say, this week’s been a bit of a roller coaster, so this week’s playlist reflects that a bit. It’s not stopping me from rocking out to it as I fold laundry or look at work assignments for next month. It’s just… what it is.

Have a good week, friends, no matter what day it feels like to you.

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