Thursday Throwdown: February 9, 2023

I have to tell you, I’m not much of an awards show watcher, but last weekend was the Grammy Awards, and there was a performance that has conservatives frothing at the mouth. As soon as I hear that something is controversial I want to read it, see it or watch it. The Sam Smith/Kim Petras performance of Unholy reallyReallyREALLY has Ted Cruz’ panties in a bunch, and that’s all I need to anchor a playlist.

Ages ago, former Second Lady Tipper Gore was gobsmacked when she passed by her pre-teen daughter’s room, when she heard the Purple Rain soundtrack. Unfortunately, the track that was blasting out of the stereo at that very moment was Darling Nikki. Oops. So Tipper clutched her pearls to her chest and tripped face-first into Billboard’s Top Music lists, and she came up with the Filthy 15. And that’s why, when I was freshly 20, my mom *still* wouldn’t buy me the Chris Sheppard Techno CD that I wanted for Christmas. Tipper made changes that resulted in parental advisories (which I’m not against, exactly… certainly, a parent should be prepared to have a conversation with their children about whatever themes, phrases, politics, and ideologies their chosen music may stir up.)

Still, when ever someone stands on their soap box and turns into Judgy McJudgypants, maybe we need to pump the brakes a bit. It’s no good for books and literature, and it’s no good for music either. So friends, today, I give you… music with controversy.

Erm. Sorry, Tipper.

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