Thursday Throwdown: March 2, 2023

When I was in high school and university, I would periodically move all my furniture out in the hallway or shove it around my room to different walls. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not so much. Every single time, though, I was procrastinating doing something else. And moving all your worldly possessions was a doozie of a way to avoid doing whatever I was supposed to be doing.
This week, in my house, you’ll find an empty bookcase in the middle of a room, two others mostly empty after having tried on two separate walls for suitability (and having been found lacking). There’s a piece of furniture from the main floor that I want to move up, but to do that, I need to have less furniture in the room where I want it to go. And to have less furniture, I need to have fewer things. So that is where we find ourselves today. I’m following the lead of some of my friends and looking harshly at all my books. I’m keeping my three favourite authors, my gentleman associate’s favourite book series, and everything else is on the bubble. I’m purging through cupboards, because why would I use something that’s just functional (corning ware oven-safe baking dishes)instead of something else that I have that’s both beautiful and functional and rarely used (oven-safe pottery in a water colour sunflower pattern I love). So there’s a ton of moving things from one place to another, putting them in a holding pen whilst I decide where to put them (or rehome them, or get rid of them entirely). Do I really need my university undergrad papers? (No, I really, really do not) Do I need the 18 cigar boxes (some wood, some cardboard) emptied by my dad on warm summer days in his backyard (Hmmm. Maybe). Do I need the Norton Anthology of English Literature, volumes 1 *and* 2? (hahahaha.No.) Do I need the giant food dehydrator (probably not).

So todays playlist is upbeat enough to keep me on point as I decide what a rational number of stainless steel coffee mugs looks like, and how to perfectly put the dozens (non negotiable) of my grandmothers’ teacups back on the newly empty shelves that formerly held things currently in boxes destined for… not here.

St. Marie of Kondo, pray for me.

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