Thursday Throwdown (except Friday): May 18, 2023

The last few weeks at work have been full. Not sucky, exactly – just teetering on the edge of Too Much. I’ve been trying to do more fun things so that I don’t just hide in my house and become an Old Lady. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m 50 now. I’m not a young lady, for sure. But when I look at the women in my family – my aunts and older cousins and my friends who are older than me… they’re sassy and fun and adventurous. And I think I forgot to also be sassy and fun and adventurous for a while. So last week, I started the Theatre Tour (wherein my friend looks at the theatre offerings in our area for the year and picks the ones we’ll go to, and we act like Civilized Ladies for the evening. And tonight, we kick it into high gear. Tonight, my gentleman associate and I start our 2023 Rollerskating tour. The Cambridge Center – our local mall – has an ice pad that has been thoroughly dry since the beginning of COVID shutdowns 3 years ago. So SUSO Skate Co. has taken over the space as a roller arena popup until the end of July.

Roller Skating! WHOOOOO! We bought tickets for all the weeks we’re not already busy. So, 8 of the 10 weeks, on Friday nights, we’ll be eating mall food for dinner and then putting on our satin hotpants and stripey knee-high socks and Roller Bootin. That last sentence is half true, and half boldfaced lies. I leave it to you to decide what’s what.

So this week friends, I give you a collection of songs left over from the glorious afternoons with my friends at Roller World or Roller Gardens in the Hammer*. I even have an extra one in there because I couldn’t decide which to remove when I got excited and over-added.

*OK, I’m pretty sure I never heard Xanadu at the roller rinks of my youth, but any time I have a tangential reason to sing NOW WE ARE HEEEERE IN XA-NA-DUUUUU, all y’all are coming with me. Sorrynotsorry.

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