Thursday Throwdown: October 8

I find that I retreat to the safe music of my youth when I’m feeling crispy around the edges. Between election debates and the death of Eddie Van Halen and rising Covid cases as we slide into (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend… new wave seems like a safe bet. May the turkey be be glorious and the […]

Thursday Throwdown: October 1

OK. There were a few bright spots in September, but srsly, it was a bit of a shitshow, amiright? But we’ve turned the calendar page, so it’s time to regroup. So get out the hairbrush you like to use as your quarantine microphone or strap on your air guitar and lets take the last quarter […]

Roundup! 9/29/2020

Who loves etymology? I mean, this would have been better served up to all y’all on the equinox, but here we are… Why Does the Season Before Winter Have Two Names? Does anyone hoard journals and notebooks like I do? I have good intentions, but I am reallyREALLY not a journaler. I can do better […]

The Secret Ingredient

. When someone is facing a challenge, we send them, in whatever words we individually wrap around them, our support. We focus energy outward for the benefit of someone else. And sometimes, that someone perceives it and it provides a however-brief respite from their troubles.

Thursday Throwdown: September 17

There’s a fellow that I work with who grew up in the same musical soup that I did. The goth-y, new wave-y, alternative scene with a soup├žon of top 40 as our dirty little secret. He’ll post a VEMO video as a smartass comment on something in one of our internal Slack channels. And that […]