Thursday Throwdown: Christmas 2019

I loves me some Christmas music. I could listen to it happily in March or September or June. I know, but I’m not sorry. So when we find ourselves on the Thursday before Christmas, of course I’m going to have to pull out the stops and give you some choice Christmas picks. Hope your holidays […]

Music Monday: Remembrance

I’ve kind of been slack on the posts in the last week; I have the start of several that I just couldn’t push over the finish line. Alas. Couldawouldashoulda. Apologies friends. I promised a fortnight of reflections and I failed you. But today is Remembrance Day and I have a post underway. Before we get […]

War on Campus

Three semi-random bits of information have converged to spawn the thinkythoughts for this post: Item the first:  I went to Cardinal Newman Catholic High School in Hamilton. A few weeks ago, John Henry Cardinal Newman was canonized at the Vatican. As I was reading some of the press about (now Saint) John Henry Newman on […]