Advent Journey: Carrying the Burden

December 1 is, for many people, the threshold over which we must pass before it’s good form to turn on Christmas lights, put up a Christmas tree or decorate their home. I like to start a little earlier so it doesn’t have to feel like so much to do – decorate the house and the […]

Advent Journey: Fanatic

When my sister and I were in elementary and high school, my dad attended every parent-teacher interview we had. ALL of them. We were both good students, and there was no reason for him to take up a slot when there was nothing that the teachers needed to discuss, but that didn’t dissuade my dad. […]

Advent Journey: Over the mountain, or around it?

In my $dayJob, I am a technical writer for an educational technology company. Our product is a big, highly customizable software package with tons of options and ability to turn on and turn off features for everyone or specific roles of people. As advocates for helping our clients do their best work, we create help […]

Advent Journey: Day 1

Every year, I try to do three major writing projects. The Lent (Spring cleaning my soul) Project; the Remembrance (First fortnight of November) Project, and as the year winds down, the Advent project. A major project at work (that has been growing in scope and implementation since February) meant that I didn’t do the Remembrance […]

Grati-Tuesday: November 22

In October, King Louie’s groomer retired, so after 12 years, we had to find a new groomer to tend to the royal de-sasquatch-ification.  I asked friends at work if they had a suggestion for a groomer who deals with large old dogs. And that is where today’s gratitude list starts. When I asked for recommendations, […]

Grati-Tuesday – October 25, 2022

My dad really, really doesn’t like the change of season from summer to fall and winter. He doesn’t think that the leaves turning colour is as glorious to behold as I do. He thinks that the bare trees are ugly. He loves he spring – green growth and opportunity, and no amount of reminding him […]