Grati-Tuesday/World Gratitude Day 2022

Happy Wednesday, Friends! I know that this definitely isn’t Tuesday, but today is World Gratitude Day. And in my way of trying to include whatever celebrations the Internets or some social media feed provides, so best to piggyback them, am I right?  I try to show gratitude whenever I can. I don’t have a gratitude […]

Beach Challenge Checkpoint #4 – Kincardine

I did a little shorty beach vacation so that I could come home in time to… go to the beach! Each of the Highland and Scottish Festivals in which Connor plays has it’s own charms. On the upside, Kincardine has a very tight competition circle surrounded by bleachers under some giant century-old trees. On the […]

Beach Challenge Checkpoint (Almost) – Cobourg

I had good intentions. Really I did. One of the Paris Port Dover Grade Pipes and Drums bands were at the 55th Cobourg Highland Games. Child and his bandie friends drove together, so the band parents drove together, too. Usually at Cobourg, I visit the beach just beyond the Games fence, but this time, I stayed with my friend […]


A while ago, I was at a social event with Mike’s golf friends. Someone asked me what I did – Mike golfed, so what did I do? And I didn’t have a good answer for that. It made me ragey that I really didn’t have a thing that sounded commensurate with their commitment to golf. […]