Being Terrible

We used to live in the Great White East of Ontario. Out in the wild, in the Ottawa Valley. We lived on a dirt road, in a house with a well and a septic system, and without garbage pickup. Once a week (or whatever) we went to the transfer station with a bag of garbage […]

Love Nuts

Remember when you were in grade 4 or 5 and your teacher told you to look up something in the dictionary? And your 10 year old brain is thinking your teacher is an idiot because you need to know how to spell things in order to *find* them in the dictionary? I had one of […]

DEFCON Curse Word system for Tax Preparation

You know how, early in relationships, you divvy up the Needful Things and everyone gets jobs they like, and jobs they don’t? I somehow got voted as the Most Likely to Get our Taxes Done. I don’t know how that happened. I struggle with equations that contain greater than or less than symbols. So if […]