The Secret Ingredient

. When someone is facing a challenge, we send them, in whatever words we individually wrap around them, our support. We focus energy outward for the benefit of someone else. And sometimes, that someone perceives it and it provides a however-brief respite from their troubles.

Tomato Panic

Every September, I inventory the jars in my basement to ensure that there are enough get La Famiglia through the crappy-tomato-months of winter. And no matter what the total, I’m never convinced it’s actually enough.

Lent 15: Me oh my, I like Pie

Happy Pi day, nerds! There’s a saying, “Save your fork, there’s pie!” It’s supposedly from a Royal Visit where someone said it to the Duke of Edinburgh. It’s also atrributed to other Royal types that would be unaccustomed to the folksy common idea of re-using a piece of silverware. But the point is that no […]