Foodie Friday: Blueberry Pancake of Champions

So, this recipe is a riff on a Dutch Baby pancakes. But my house has more frozen blueberries than apples right now, and blueberry season isn’t *that* far away, so here’s where we find ourselves. These blueberries came from my friend Sarah’s parents’ farm. They’re so good that I got a flat of them and […]

Foodie Friday: ChopChopChopped Mediterranean Salad

It’s Live From Fast and Abstinance Friday! I know, a salad seems like a bit of a side-step on a *recipe*. Especially a chopped salad (Method: Chop things, pour on some dressing, done). But this has been a week. Gentleman Associate and I are now both working from home (for which I am very, very […]

Foodie Friday: Chard with Garlicky Tahini

It’s Fast and Abstinence Friday again, so time to bust out one of my favourite vegetarian recipes. I cannot stress enough how easy and how delicious this is. Once again, I struggle with the “denial” part because this is just so supremely good. And it’s leafy greens. You’re totally supposed to eat leafy greens. And… […]

Baco Hunt 2019

Sometimes, after a week that challenges you right down to your very marrow, you  just need a fun diversion. Like, say, a scavenger hunt. Or booze. Or both. Totally both. So you say to yourself, “Self, how can I have a scavenger hunt, but stay hydrated, and ensure the future hydration of future shenanigans?” And […]

Foodie Friday: Potatoes and Beans

This weekend, it was our turn to host La Famiglia for soup. I asked my gentleman associate to get a vegetable. He got both asparagus and green beans. We cooked asparagus, and the beans remained in the fridge. A few days ago, I filled a glass container with raw beans to eat with hummus at […]