Foodie Friday: Chard with Garlicky Tahini

It’s Fast and Abstinence Friday again, so time to bust out one of my favourite vegetarian recipes. I cannot stress enough how easy and how delicious this is. Once again, I struggle with the “denial” part because this is just so supremely good. And it’s leafy greens. You’re totally supposed to eat leafy greens. And… […]

Baco Hunt 2019

Sometimes, after a week that challenges you right down to your very marrow, you  just need a fun diversion. Like, say, a scavenger hunt. Or booze. Or both. Totally both. So you say to yourself, “Self, how can I have a scavenger hunt, but stay hydrated, and ensure the future hydration of future shenanigans?” And […]

Foodie Friday: Potatoes and Beans

This weekend, it was our turn to host La Famiglia for soup. I asked my gentleman associate to get a vegetable. He got both asparagus and green beans. We cooked asparagus, and the beans remained in the fridge. A few days ago, I filled a glass container with raw beans to eat with hummus at […]

Foodie Friday: Pasta and Peas

Pasta and Peas is on my absolute top 5 La Famiglia’s comfort food list. If you can’t have chicken soup because you’re observing the abstinence of, say, Fridays during Lent, or Christmas Eve, you can bet that there’s gonna be Pasta and Peas. I loves me all the pasta, from Mac and Cheese from a […]