Grati-Tuesday: November 22

In October, King Louie’s groomer retired, so after 12 years, we had to find a new groomer to tend to the royal de-sasquatch-ification.  I asked friends at work if they had a suggestion for a groomer who deals with large old dogs. And that is where today’s gratitude list starts. When I asked for recommendations, […]

Grati-Tuesday – October 25, 2022

My dad really, really doesn’t like the change of season from summer to fall and winter. He doesn’t think that the leaves turning colour is as glorious to behold as I do. He thinks that the bare trees are ugly. He loves he spring – green growth and opportunity, and no amount of reminding him […]

Grati-Tuesday: October 4, 2022

Without fail, at every wedding and funeral I’ve been to in the last decade, someone has said “We should get together more often”. At funerals it’s with a tinge of regret at the conversations one perhaps should have tried harder to have with the dearly departed. At weddings, it’s with the warm feelings of togetherness […]

Grati-Tuesday meets Foodie Friday

As I mentioned last week, my birthday was on this past weekend. To celebrate a big milestone, I decided to actually move forward with my Paella-Palooza party. The idea got planted as a direct result of Preston Food Crawl and nomnomnom, I have no regrets. I booked my party for 11 people, and promply at […]

Grati-Tuesday/World Gratitude Day 2022

Happy Wednesday, Friends! I know that this definitely isn’t Tuesday, but today is World Gratitude Day. And in my way of trying to include whatever celebrations the Internets or some social media feed provides, so best to piggyback them, am I right?  I try to show gratitude whenever I can. I don’t have a gratitude […]

Grati-Tuesday: September 13, 2022

Happy Tuesday, Friends. Since we last talked gratitude, Queen Elizabeth II died. I have complicated feelings. As a child I loved the really great pictures of her on everything from fancy plates to collector spoons and tea tins to arena walls and highschool foyers and hospital waiting rooms. I loved that she served in the […]

Grati-Tuesday: September 6, 2022

September means tomatoes in my part of the world. I’ve slowed waaaay down from the peak of my homesteading effort. Back then, no fruit or vegetable was safe from me trying to find a way to boil it into a jar for later. I still do strawberry jam when we don’t have any (but we […]

Grati-Tuesday August 30, 2022

One of my favourite movies is How to make an American Quilt. In it, a young woman (Finn) heads to her grandmother/great aunt’s house to finish her thesis after her boyfriend proposes. She watches her grandmother and aunt’s circle of friends/quilting bee preparing a quilt with the theme of Where Love Grows. The movie tells […]

GratiTuesday – August 2, 2022

Two weeks ago, I was at my Dayjob user conference in Boston. In the days before that, I was madly making lists of things I needed to take with me, consulting presentations and lists provided by People Who Know about these things. We were getting staff shirts, which certainly make us recognizable to folks attending […]