A few days ago, my neighbour texted me to say that there was a bat in her house. She wanted me to unlock her door so the pest control people could get in. I felt increasingly uneasy about this, because while I know that pest control people can’t harm threatened critters, you never know. I’m […]

Grati-Twendsday? – June 15, 2022

OK, so I’m technically late for GratiTuesday by 21 minutes. Oops. I did have the draft started on Tuesday, so that’s hopeful, right? Tuesday evenings in the Swearyverse mean a trip to the pool at my local YMCA. Tonight, there was a woman with vision impairment. She was walking slowly between the very shallow swirly […]

GratiTuesday: June 7, 2022

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus – you know this. It happens from time to time when I just need to be looking at a screen less, and looking at the plants in my garden more. But, a writer writes, and I know it’s not cup-filling for me to *just* do the kind […]

Grati-Tuesday: The Whole Fam-Damily!

Yesterday was Family Day here in Ontario, and I have a pretty celebration-worthy group. Child is home from university for spring break, so he requested a menu of his family favourites, and we had a lovely dinner full of laughs and great conversation. While my Gentleman Associate and I have fallen to the habit of […]

Grati-Tuesday: Go, Sports!

It has been a top-shelf week for sports. I’m not an athlete – I don’t even pretend to be one. But I love Love LOVE watching and cheering others who are. And this is a glorious time to have all the CBC, TSN, and SportsNet options my TV currently provides. First, the NHL all-star weekend. […]

Thankful Thursday: The Make Up Sessions

Yeah, this was one of those weeks where the first word I said to my boss on Monday morning was a Very Bad Word; There was warm-enough weather to partially melt the ice stalagmite that grows on the walkway beside my house (and under the monstrous icicle that hangs off the side of my eavestrough); […]

Grati-Tuesday: The Grinder

Over the Christmas gauntlet, whilst sitting at one of several gatherings of La Famiglia, we decided that we haven’t made sausage in a while, and that’s something we should do. We should gather again. We should make sausage. It was my job to watch the flyers for when pork legs were on sale. And of […]

Grati-Tuesday: Twenty-Twenty-two

Holy Smokes, Tuesday already! This one snuck up on me. Today was the first day back to work after that weird time when you don’t know what day it is for 2 weeks and days merge together and last tuesday feels like twenty minutes ago and last sunday and the one before that merge into […]

Grati-Tuesday – Year End edition

We made it through the Christmas gauntlet, friends. Sometimes there’s a denouement in this space, sometimes a great deal of relief, sometimes a bit of melancholy that after all the effort to get here, it’s just… done. There’s a bit of celebrating still to do in La Famiglia and the Casa Di Swears. My sister’s […]