GratiTuesday: All that glitters: ALL of it

My house kinda looks like the crime scene of a Christmas Fairy massacre. There is glitter *everywhere*. It seems like at least 83% by weight of the Christmas decor in and around my house is sparkley. My eyes feel gritty just thinking about it. But it isn’t going to stop me. Because you know what […]

Grati-Tuesday: (wo)man’s best friend

Yesterday, King Louie turned 13. That’s a lot of birthdays for a large dog, and I’m thankful for every day I get to spend with him. We have a language we share. When he shakes his head at me, it means “Foodmonkey, I’m serious”. When I scoop my arms in a wide arc above my […]

Grati-Tuesday: Play to your Strengths

This weekend past, Child came home from the Royal Military College for the weekend to test drive and buy a car. Child has been saving and budgeting for this for a while, it was jus a matter of finding the right car for the right price. He did all the responsible things – he talked […]

GratiTuesday: Convos with Little Bear

On Hallowe’en night, I opened the door to a little bear, maybe 4 years old. His mom gently prompted him “What do you say?” Which resulted in the ensuing conversation: Bear: WHAT’S YOUR NAME? Me: My name’s Mary. What’s your name? Bear: <moving on with the interrogation. He’s asking the questions hereā€¦> What are these […]

GratiTuesday: Cold feet, warm heart

Every time I read (or watch) Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, I am horrified that Dumbledore sees himself in the Mirror of Erised holding a pair of thick woolen socks. He says that one can never have enough socks. I see his lips moving, but I don’t understand what he’s trying to say. Socks? […]

GratiTuesday: Low-power mode

Last week, I was on vacation. Since the heat of summer makes me ragey, I limit my summer days off to fridays (or, actual away vacation where, when I get hot, I just go bob in the waves in the Gulf of Mexico. Alas) So now, as the evenings dip into the 40’s and the […]

GratiTuesday: Family

My gentleman associate and I had the opportunity to visit with his cousin and his cousin’s wife for an evening last week. They were visiting this end of Canada from their end on the opposite side, and they reached out to see if any of the family wanted to get together with them. Heck yeah, […]

GratiTuesday: Cake week 2021

My birthday was on Saturday past and my gentleman associate’s birthday is Thursday, two days hence. My mom’s is the day after that. It’s Cake week in Sweary-land. I’ll use any opportunity to celebrate, so having so much opportunity stuffed into one happy week is pretty great. But this week has also been a bit […]

GratiTuesday: Sept 21, 2021

Last week was my final Summer No-Work-On-Friday, and it was well spent going to see my neurologist for a follow up to the seizure in May, and going to my nail tech to get a new and fabulous set of gels filled, sanded, filed, shaped and painted. If the appointment with the doc didn’t go […]