Lent 2022: The Middle

When my eldest niece was a wee lass, she didn’t want to eat the fruit her mom cut for her. My sister-in-law was getting exasperated at the shrinking list of food the young miss would eat. But Auntie Mary had some skills. I asked my niece if she knew that there was a star hiding […]

Lent 2022: Feast of St. Joseph

Joseph chose faith over fear. He became a father to a child that wasn’t his, he protected his family from those who wished them poor fortune at best, and death at worst. That sounds like a pretty great mentor to me.

Lent 2022: Dust

A few weeks back, I was talking to a friend who was starting a new job. I mentioned that I could hardly believe that I’ve been at the same job for almost 7 years. We talked about how important it is to find joy in your vocation and to genuinely like what you are doing. […]

Lent 2022: Pi Day

Happy Pi Day, friends! If this was a Going-to-work kind of work situation these days, my office would have brought in 40(ish) pies from Shakespeare Pies so that all the nerds could celebrate as nerds do. And everybody likes pie, amirite? Except it’s not a going-in-to-work kind of work situation these days. So I stayed […]

Lent 2022: Helping hands, and also not

A long time ago, a fellow I went to university with and I were talking about his new (potential) girlfriend. She had just written an article in our alumni journal, and my friend asked me if I had read it. The article was about the author (his girlfriend)’s experience going to work in the offices […]