L:40 – Doors

Day 40! We made it. Lent is a time when RC kids prepare the way of the Lord. Who knows Godspell? Sing it with me: Preeepare ye the way of the Lord; Preeepare ye the way. Of. The. Lord! I love that one. It’s the Easter Triduum earworm of choice. So good. As an RC […]

L:39 – Good Friday

On Good Friday, the RC Kids hold vigil.   When I was in grade 1 or 2, one of the older classes put the Stations of the Cross pictures that they’d drawn up in the hallway. Until I saw those pictures, I always saw JC as a smiling, flower- enrobed hippy. But suddenly, I saw what […]

L:38 – Expecto Patronum

For RC Kids, Holy Thursday is the day of The Last Supper. With the weight of what He was about to endure in the next day on His shoulders, JC gathered His friends together. This was his last chance to be with the people He loved. JC knew He didn’t have long left with his […]

L:37 – Leaps of Faith

I’m a Theatre Kid, so at this time of year, my head is consumed with Godspell and Jesus Christ Soooo-Perrrrr-Staaaar! When I decided to start taking Child to Stratford, the first show we saw was JCSuperstar. I figured that being an RC Kid, he’d know the characters already, so it wouldn’t be overwhelming. Superstar is […]

L:36 – Ghod’s House

So. Notre Dame. I had the privilege of being in Paris 2 years and 5 days ago. We were there for only one day, and the one thing I wanted to do was visit Notre Dame. My travelling companion and I had a lovely lunch in a Parisian Café, and then we crossed over to […]

L:35 – Palms and Twigs

Over 2000 years ago, Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey, riding toward his death. 33 years earlier, his mom rode a donkey to Bethlehem toward his birth. The people of Jerusalem who accepted him as the Messiah, put palms on the road ahead of him, and waved twigs. In some traditions, Palm Sunday takes the […]

L:34 – Facing the Fear

It’s Holy Week. And by complete happenstance, a meme about fear showed up in my feed. When we get into the thick of Holy Week, I think hard about Jesus. He was a human, and He knew what was going to happen to Him. He saw the trajectory He was on, and he was afraid. […]