Lent Project Day 12: March Forth!

You know how some holidays just require you to *do* something? Not necessarily in a bad way – On Christmas, you have your traditions – maybe Midnight mass, then opening presents in your jammies the next morning and steamy cups of hot chocolate while you watch movies all day? On New Year’s Day, maybe you […]

Lent Project Day 10: Conflicting Goals

A colleague today posted on an internal Slack channel that her daughter is in school for the first time this year, and she’s looking at the summer wondering what happens now. She is too old for childcare, but she’s also too young to stay home and not be a huge draw on my colleague’s time, […]

Lent Project Day 6: Spiritual Mentors

I listen to a podcast wherein one of the hosts speaks regularly about her spiritual mentor – St. Therese of Lisieux. The podcast doesn’t speak much about spiritual matters, so when she says something about St. Theresa, I’m fascinated. I don’t keep my penchant for the Pantheon of Catholic Saints quiet for longer than about […]