Lent 2022: Pi Day

Happy Pi Day, friends! If this was a Going-to-work kind of work situation these days, my office would have brought in 40(ish) pies from Shakespeare Pies so that all the nerds could celebrate as nerds do. And everybody likes pie, amirite? Except it’s not a going-in-to-work kind of work situation these days. So I stayed […]

Lent 2022: Helping hands, and also not

A long time ago, a fellow I went to university with and I were talking about his new (potential) girlfriend. She had just written an article in our alumni journal, and my friend asked me if I had read it. The article was about the author (his girlfriend)’s experience going to work in the offices […]

Lent 2022: On the Bias

I’ve attended seminars in various things in my career, but the recent trend is toward softskills like allyship, accessibility and diversity, and unconscious bias.Anyone who knows me that I’m not a huge fan of International Women’s Day because it just feels gross that we have to have a day dedicated to it. Like if we […]

Lent 2022: Seeing

I have needed to go to the Optometrist since COVID shut everything down two years ago. So it’s been 4 years. And by the headaches I get and the trouble I have focusing on my monitors every day, I can tell that, yes, I am indeed overdue. So I sit here and squeeze my eyes […]

Lent 2022 : Do something

It’s March Forth day, friends. That’s not a typo, and it is a pretty good homonym. It’s also known as Do Something Day. When my son was 9, we went on an epic vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida. In the gardens surrounding the Mad Tea Cups ride, there is a sign that says […]

Lent 2022 with a side of Throwdown Thursday

This year it’s 60 years since the Temptations cannonballed into the amazing Motown music movement in Detroit. Otis Williams is the last surviving member of the original Temptations, but even now, 60 years in, The Temptations are still producing and recording original new music. How great is that? I’m 97% sure that I don’t have […]

Countdown to Lent: PANCAKES!

I didn’t want to have pancakes today because I’m trying to kick the wheat habit that I know isn’t helping the system wide inflammation. So what did I do? I had pancakes. I could have had potato pancakes, or the kind of yummy shredded carrot and potato and parsnip pancakes that I had one Hanukkah […]