All the things there isn’t

It would be easy to become morose with the things that aren’t going to (or can’t) happen this year. But you know, if I focus on the things I don’t get to have, I won’t focus on the things I do.

Tomato Panic

Every September, I inventory the jars in my basement to ensure that there are enough get La Famiglia through the crappy-tomato-months of winter. And no matter what the total, I’m never convinced it’s actually enough.


At the Casa Di Swears, we have a detached garage that has never, in 8 years, had a car in it. That’s because it’s not a garage, it’s a garage-sized workshop. But it’s also the home of the snow-blower, the generator, the lawn mower, 3 bikes, the crossbow target cubeā€¦ many, many things that are […]