Remembrance Project: Remembrance Day 2020

Today I stood out on my walkway with Child. It was a lovely warm day where I am. We stood and waited for two honour flights to pass overhead – one flightpath went over cenotaphs, one over cemeteries where veterans now rest. I asked him how it felt for him to not be in his […]

Remembrance Project Day 3: All Saints’ Day

All Saints is one of my favourite days of the year. The day we celebrate saints known and unknown. Sometimes, it’s easy to recognize saints – y’all have heard me talk about Anthony (Patron of lost things), Raphael the Archangel (patron of the medical professions), St. Michael the Archangel (Patron of Soldiers, the Military, and […]

Remembrance Project Day 2: Allhallowtide

Hallowe’en is the start of my favourite three days of the year: the triduum of Allhallowtide – All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween), All Saints, and All Souls feast days. Before the sugar-fuelled shenanigans of Halloween, there was Samhain. Samhain’s origins are with the Celts, marking their new year, and a time when he boundary between the […]

The Humble Beasts

On the Feast of St. Hubert, we ask for humility at the death of one of God’s creatures. It’s fitting thta we celebrate this whilst we wear our poppies because during wartime and in the aftermath, animals play a big part in the military effort.

Known and Unknown

OK. Everyone knows I loves me the pantheon of RC Saints. Over the course of the year, I go to the Rolodex of Saints often to ask for help for my own worldly hurts, and to ask for their intercession with The Big Guy Upstairs. Need a saint to help you find a replacement of […]