A or B or A or C or B or A

Eleventy thousand months ago, in the spring of 2020, I should have gone to the eye doctor. Earlier, probably, based on the cheerful emails I got from the eye doctor’s communications team reminding me about good eye health and using my benefits before the end of the (2019) year. But I didn’t, and then I […]

Thursday Throwdown: February 24, 2022

I attended high school in the late 80’s. The Berlin Wall came down to mark the end of the Cold War during the summer before I started grade 12, but my most of my teenage years were under threat of nuclear holocaust. That shadow was there all the time, pervasive in the GenX music that […]

What nonsense is this? The Christmas Edition

Remember last year, when (in Ontario at least) we couldn’t have Christmas with our families? Many of us made the very difficult decision to follow the shelter in place quarantine orders and just stay home. To not visit our parents and siblings. I dunno, maybe it was easy for some. We didn’t go to the […]

Remembrance Project day 10 – Kristallnacht

I’ve written about this before, but I don’t think here’s a time when it shouldn’t be remembered, so here we go.On November 9th, 1938, Nazi forces carried out a series of pogroms in Jewish neighbourhoods in Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia. Because, they said, it was warranted. Because it was justified. It wasn’t just a race […]

Thursday Throwdown: Orange

When Child was still in high school, the social justice group organized a vow of silence to protest violence. I’ve been thinking about that for the last few days, knowing that this week’s Thursday Throwback falls on the Canadian Day of Reconciliation. What’s the right thing to do here? To encourage a moment of silence […]

Knowing where you stand

OK. Here we go… Since I’ve been working at home, I have to admit, I haven’t been listening to the news nearly as much as I did when I heard it in the car, or on my CBC newsfeed. I have news anxiety, and sorry-not-sorry, I can’t get myself fully informed about some news events […]

Two Decades

Today marks two decades since 9/11. I’m not going to make this political. In some ways, the world is very different, and in other ways, it hasn’t changed at all. If you commemorate these things, my thoughts are with you. And if you can be anything today, friends, choose to be kind. Extra Credit: On […]

Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, which is the culmination of National Suicide Prevention Week in Canada. The good folks on the Wellness team at $Dayjob in our People and Culture (read: HR) department have prepared an infographic about the information and resources that they’re going to share this week. On Thursday, we’re going to […]