Knowing where you stand

OK. Here we go… Since I’ve been working at home, I have to admit, I haven’t been listening to the news nearly as much as I did when I heard it in the car, or on my CBC newsfeed. I have news anxiety, and sorry-not-sorry, I can’t get myself fully informed about some news events […]

Two Decades

Today marks two decades since 9/11. I’m not going to make this political. In some ways, the world is very different, and in other ways, it hasn’t changed at all. If you commemorate these things, my thoughts are with you. And if you can be anything today, friends, choose to be kind. Extra Credit: On […]

Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, which is the culmination of National Suicide Prevention Week in Canada. The good folks on the Wellness team at $Dayjob in our People and Culture (read: HR) department have prepared an infographic about the information and resources that they’re going to share this week. On Thursday, we’re going to […]

Target lock

My superpower is an uncanny ability to find and push people’s buttons. But sometimes, knowing the vulnerable spot on someone’s soft underbelly isn’t as benign.

On Trying to be a Good Ally

Once upon a time,¬† almost 20 years ago, I drove from Canada to Florida with my mom, my sister, and my then-infant son. We stopped to eat at the Waffle House because that’s what you do when there are Waffle Houses in the vicinity.¬†There was a young African American woman who was our server, and […]