Thursday Throwdown: Dreamy!

I’ve had some strange dreams for the last few nights. A few people from my work team had to search a trainyard for the boxcar that a teammate was staying in during a conference. My sister and I were taking Child to the airport, but the traffic was heavy and I didn’t have my bathing […]

Thursday Throwdown: 90's College Circuit

This playlist is the cinnamon rolls and warm socks for a winter’s day. It’s cheery enough to encourage you through the 17th day of overcast skies, but not so high-octane that you’ll want to, say, clean your basement. All said, I just like these songs in a background music to buoy my mood when it’s […]

Thursday Throwdown: Christmas 2019

I loves me some Christmas music. I could listen to it happily in March or September or June. I know, but I’m not sorry. So when we find ourselves on the Thursday before Christmas, of course I’m going to have to pull out the stops and give you some choice Christmas picks. Hope your holidays […]

Thursday Throwdown: The Moon

OK. Since child was a babe-in-arms (and he’s over 6 feet tall now, so that was many moons ago. Ha! See what I did there? Just wait, it gets even better!) Yeah, since child was a babe-in-arms, I’ve taken him to the One of a Kind craft shows in Toronto. One year, when he was […]

Thursday Thowdown: Mid October

Fall is falling! Woohoo! It’s soup weather and boots and tights weather. Praisethelord, fall is falling. Yeah. So. This is all distraction from the fact that I don’t have a good theme this week, but I do have a good throwdown for you. Listen whilst eating soup and wearing boots. Or whatever. Come on, peeps, […]