Thursday Throwdown: June 8, 2023

Yah, I know… it’s Friday, again. Apparently to publish things, you have to actually press Publish. *sigh*. I’m seriously thinking that I should just rename the Thursday Throwdown to something else… like The Stombo Show‘s Magnificent 7, and then my cavalier attitude about the day of the week doesn’t matter. And while Strombo ain’t a […]

Thursday Throwdown: May 25, 2023

At work, on our Slack App, we have a Music channel where someone throws out a theme, and all the members of the channel pile on. It’s pretty great to get amazing new recommendations. Because I’m not saying that my playlists are well worn in, I’m just sayin’. So this week’s inspiration comes from one […]

Thursday Throwdown: March 2, 2023

When I was in high school and university, I would periodically move all my furniture out in the hallway or shove it around my room to different walls. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not so much. Every single time, though, I was procrastinating doing something else. And moving all your worldly possessions was a doozie of […]

Thursday Throwdown: February 23, 2023

I was just thinking to myself, “Self, we should do a Grati-Tuesday”. And then I realized that not only was I superduper late for Grati-Tuesday, I was also late for Thursday Throwdown (this being almost 2am on Friday, and all). Oopsie. The beginning of this week was the Family Day statutory holiday for me, so […]

Thursday Throwdown: February 9, 2023

I have to tell you, I’m not much of an awards show watcher, but last weekend was the Grammy Awards, and there was a performance that has conservatives frothing at the mouth. As soon as I hear that something is controversial I want to read it, see it or watch it. The Sam Smith/Kim Petras […]

Thursday Throwdown: February 2, 2023

My phone just gave me an alert that there’s supposed to be a dump of snow and “the coldest temperatures so far this winter”. Great. So what I’m hearing is that little extra Dance Floor is prudent. You heard that too, right?

Thursday Throwdown – January 26, 2023

So this morning, I said to myself, “Self, we should get a throwdown playlist together so it’s ready to go on Thursday”. Except that today is Thursday – It’s been that kind of week. I mean, I know why – I had a day off on Tuesday for an impromptu trip out of town, and […]

Thursday Throwdown: Jan 19, 2023

These Throwdowns often start with a single song as their anchor, and kinda spin out from there. This week, the anchor was A$ston Wyld’s Next Level. I like it when a song I forgot about surfaces, and that’s what happened here.