Thursday Throwdown: June 39, 2022

Well, friends, for the first time in what feels like eleventy thousand years, I’m on vacation. I can’t even describe for you how I pine for the ocean when I’m landlocked. I mean, I live Canada – land of a bazillion rivers – and I’m within walking distance to the confluence of two, even!). I’m […]

Thursday Throwback – June 16, 2022

Friends, it’s a Summer Miracle. King Louie had to go to his royal physician’s today for the yearly checkup. He has never, in the 11 years we’ve been visiting this vet (nor the 2+ years we visited the one in our previous side of the province), eaten a treat from the tech, the receptionist, the […]

FridayFlow: May 6, 2022

I had good intentions of posting this for Thursday Throwdown yesterday, but… well… you know.So I offer you this for a fun start to your weekend, instead. Still totally counts, right?

Lent 2022 with a side of Throwdown Thursday

This year it’s 60 years since the Temptations cannonballed into the amazing Motown music movement in Detroit. Otis Williams is the last surviving member of the original Temptations, but even now, 60 years in, The Temptations are still producing and recording original new music. How great is that? I’m 97% sure that I don’t have […]

Thursday Throwdown: February 24, 2022

I attended high school in the late 80’s. The Berlin Wall came down to mark the end of the Cold War during the summer before I started grade 12, but my most of my teenage years were under threat of nuclear holocaust. That shadow was there all the time, pervasive in the GenX music that […]