Thursday Throwdown: June 10, 2021

Try, try, again, right? We still can’t figure out what the issue was with the randomly not-showing-up playlists. The Swearyverse is not playing nicely with Spotify. But I’m a scholar of the Senator Elizabeth Warren school of Persistence, so we’ll try again. Yeah… So I dunno. It appears to be working now. Technology is hard […]

Lent Project Day 2 and 3: It’s Forty o’clock

I swear there was a very localized rip in the time-space continuum yesterday over the Casa di Swears. I totally forgot to do a Lent Project post. Not like I just couldn’t think of anything to write; I just straight up didn’t remember that it was a thing I needed to do. I also just […]

Thursday Throwdown: End of January

There’s been sun for a few days in a row, which feels like a huge gift. It’s bloody freezing, still – high of -9C today, low of -18C tomorrow, no highs or lows higher than -3 until at least the middle of next week – but a bit of blue skies and actual really real […]

Thursday Throwdown: Jan 14, 2021

This Monday (5 days hence) it’s Blue Monday. I didn’t even know this was a thing until last year. Blue Monday is a (fabricated by the Travel Industry) holiday? Day of observation? Lets go with gimmick, shall we? Blue Monday is a (fabricated by the Travel Industry) gimmick that purports that the third Monday is […]

Thursday Throwdown: Jan 7

Well, welcome to 2021, friends! In Ontario, we’re in a quarantine lockdown again. Christmas and the end of the year was quiet and slow. I’ve had a few days off earlier this week, and I’m ready to wade into 2021 in full stride. And wading totally requires some tunes, amirite?

Thursday Throwdown: October 22

I don’t have much in the way of an introduction (or rationale, which might be the more accurate word here, really). I was on vacation last week, and as I puttered around, a few of these songs showed up on either Sirius radio in the truck, or on my music playlist. So here you go.