Thursday Throwdown: September 17

There’s a fellow that I work with who grew up in the same musical soup that I did. The goth-y, new wave-y, alternative scene with a soup├žon of top 40 as our dirty little secret. He’ll post a VEMO video as a smartass comment on something in one of our internal Slack channels. And that […]

Thursday Throwdown: Welcome to September!

These songs have nothing to do with the calendar month. As we discussed a few weeks ago, this is going to be a (mostly) “What I’m listening to this week” feature, sprinkled randomly with themes because sometimes I can’t help myself. So… September. I’m just happy that it’s finally September. Soon I’ll be wearing tights […]

Thursday Throwdown: Symphonica

Hands up– who knows Rossini’s Barber of Seville (and has only ever heard it) because of Bugs Bunny? When I was a wee lass, my Aunt took me to the opera every year or two. I enjoyed it to be sure, but it was always funny to me when my introduction to one of the […]

Thursday Throwdown: 1997

Well, that seems random, huh? It just so happens that my gentleman associate and I got married that year – 23 years ago – and our anniversary is this weekend. I dunno. Maybe I’ve used this theme before. Anyway, the edges of the musical continuum that year featured Elton John’s ubiquitous Candle in the Wind […]

Thursday Throwdown: A Little Grungy

Yes, I know that The Who and Rush aren’t grunge. But I have to think of a title for these things that’s not “We’re still in Quarantine” or “Songs I Like, part 63 in a series”. The radio thinks they’re all classic rock now, which some of them actually are. I like how these fit […]

Thursday Throwdown – WOC

This certainly isn’t the definitive list of amazing music by women of colour. But it’s a selection of my favourites, and there’s some benefit to being the author of this. Be good to each other, friends.