Thursday Throwdown: September 16

OK, I’m not sayin’ that the inspiration for this throwdown is my new favourite thing on the Internets*, but MIKA is on this playlist, so, yeah. I’m highly suggestible, whaddayagonnado? Extra Credit: *My new favourite thing on the Internets: (Does everyone try to sing ALL the individual lines, or just me? Just me? Really??)

Thursday Throwdown: September 9, 2021

Well, Friends, happy days are here again. My feet were cold enough that I put socks on this morning. PraisetheLord, fall is here. September always makes me feel enthusiastic about whatever projects I have on the go (before I overwhelm myself with the tomatoes in various stages of raw/roasted/roasted and peeled/sauced) and my momentum is […]

Thursday Throwdown – August 26, 2021

I don’t love the heat. I like to visit it, sit on the beach (or better, float in the ocean) and enjoy the oppressively hot weather. But I don’t like to live in it. Try to work and cook dinner and do laundry in it. We have air conditioning, thankyouJesus, and really, my enjoyment of […]

Thursday Throwdown: August 19

In the Great Before, this weekend would mark the beginning of the Canadian National Exhibition, which itself was the harbinger of the end of the summer. This year (for the second in a row), no CNE. No Toronto Air Show. No Royal Winter Fair. There’s still a lot that isn’t happening. And I’m all for […]

Thursday Throwdown: August 12, 2021

There’s been a heat warning (and usually, an accompanying thunderstorm warning/watch) for most of the last week in Southern Ontario. Child and I were talking about a kinder-gentler method of spending time at a task, and having a soundtrack is usually my go-to way. So if you also require 32 minutes and 30 seconds in […]

Thursday Throwdown – 24 Years ago!

Twenty-four years ago, on a balmy August Friday, my gentleman associate and I got married. We all did the macarena at the reception, but it was either that or the chicken dance, so I guess that’s something. I will be including neither of those on today’s playlist, friends, but should you feel so inclined, I’m […]

Thursday Throwdown: July 29, 2021

OK, first of all, how is it half way through the summer ALREADY? Secondly, I know it’s not Thursday, but this week was another installment of No-Work-On-Friday Summer, and I totally forgot until now. Oops. Sorry friends. So enjoy this playlist on the weekend. Have a frosty beverage and just enjoy the day.

Thursday Throwdown: July 22, 2021

Every once in a while, I need to stop and take inventory of the great stuff that’s going on around me. In the last few months, we’ve started a backyard makeover, the trunk of a giant century-old maple tree in front of my house snapped and destroyed part of my garden (and embedded itself in […]

Thursday Throwdown: July 1

So, usually on Canada Day, I’d be agonizing over how to narrow down my favourite Canadian tunes down to a coherent playlist for you. But this year, there are other things to consider. The number of unmarked graves around residential schools is over a thousand, and it’s going to increase. I mean, not that the […]