Thursday Throwdown: July 22, 2021

Every once in a while, I need to stop and take inventory of the great stuff that’s going on around me. In the last few months, we’ve started a backyard makeover, the trunk of a giant century-old maple tree in front of my house snapped and destroyed part of my garden (and embedded itself in […]

Thursday Throwdown: July 1

So, usually on Canada Day, I’d be agonizing over how to narrow down my favourite Canadian tunes down to a coherent playlist for you. But this year, there are other things to consider. The number of unmarked graves around residential schools is over a thousand, and it’s going to increase. I mean, not that the […]

Thursday Throwdown: June 24, 2021

Happy First-Week-Of-Summer, friends! I’ve been doing some self-care lately and I decided to start the No-Work-On-Friday Summer a little early. Now that we’re bumping up into Canada and/or Independence Day here in North America, I’ve got an actual week of vacay coming up (like, starting in…. 4 hours 56 minutes of when I’m writing this…) […]

Thursday Throwdown: June 10, 2021

Try, try, again, right? We still can’t figure out what the issue was with the randomly not-showing-up playlists. The Swearyverse is not playing nicely with Spotify. But I’m a scholar of the Senator Elizabeth Warren school of Persistence, so we’ll try again. Yeah… So I dunno. It appears to be working now. Technology is hard […]

Lent Project Day 2 and 3: It’s Forty o’clock

I swear there was a very localized rip in the time-space continuum yesterday over the Casa di Swears. I totally forgot to do a Lent Project post. Not like I just couldn’t think of anything to write; I just straight up didn’t remember that it was a thing I needed to do. I also just […]

Thursday Throwdown: End of January

There’s been sun for a few days in a row, which feels like a huge gift. It’s bloody freezing, still – high of -9C today, low of -18C tomorrow, no highs or lows higher than -3 until at least the middle of next week – but a bit of blue skies and actual really real […]