Ode to my Little Relative

When I was 11, my sister was born – a big gap, to be sure. My grandmother called her my little relative, sincr we didn’t know whether she was a boy child or a girl child until she was born. My mom called us her only children, because we really didn’t share a phase of […]

Music Monday: Remembrance

I’ve kind of been slack on the posts in the last week; I have the start of several that I just couldn’t push over the finish line. Alas. Couldawouldashoulda. Apologies friends. I promised a fortnight of reflections and I failed you. But today is Remembrance Day and I have a post underway. Before we get […]

War on Campus

Three semi-random bits of information have converged to spawn the thinkythoughts for this post: Item the first:  I went to Cardinal Newman Catholic High School in Hamilton. A few weeks ago, John Henry Cardinal Newman was canonized at the Vatican. As I was reading some of the press about (now Saint) John Henry Newman on […]