Beuller? Beuuler??

I have taken some time off from Sweary Obligations since Easter. Sorry about that. I’m in a career wherein I can work from home, and this is week 10 of that. I mean, it’s nice that I’m not missing any paychecks, and I’m not at risk, here in the Sweary Command Center, with my son […]

Foodie Friday: ChopChopChopped Mediterranean Salad

It’s Live From Fast and Abstinance Friday! I know, a salad seems like a bit of a side-step on a *recipe*. Especially a chopped salad (Method: Chop things, pour on some dressing, done). But this has been a week. Gentleman Associate and I are now both working from home (for which I am very, very […]

Worst of times and best of times

Happy Sunday, friends! This isn’t a Lent reflection because technically, Sundays don’t count as Lent. I don’t know… I don’t make the rules. Still, I feel like it’s good to check in with all y’all, so I’mma do a Sunday post anyway. Several years ago, there were a series of severe storms that spawned funnel […]

Thursday Throwdown: Songs for Self Distancing

The news on what’s closed and what’s not seems to change almost hourly. Last week $Dayjob instituted the Voluntary Work At Home measure. This week they changed that. Today is the first day my key to the building will not work. We’re locked out. We’re on Mandatory Work At Home for the next 3 weeks. […]