What’s the opposite of a strength?

There seems to be a cultural value that’s placed on some traits, and a stigma that’s attached to others. Someone has a strength, and because I don’t, that is a… weakness. Is the opposite of having a strength having a weakness, or is it having a different strength.

Remembrance Project Days 7-10: Round-Up

Friends, I needed to take a several-days-long break from my technology, apologies for the break in the project. Instead of trying to catch up and just piling on a bunch of stress where my mini-break just got rid of it, I’m going to give you a Round Up of some interesting Remembrance-related articles that I’ve […]

Remembrance Project Day 4: All Souls

Today marks the last day of the triduum of Allhallowtide. All Souls to the RC kids, and Dias de los Muertos to many others. The Day of the Dead celebrations include visits to the cemetery and altars at home to honour ancestors and absent friends. In some communities, there are celebrations in the local graveyard […]

Thursday Throwdown: All Hallow’s Eve, Eve

Who’s already fallen face first into a bag of fun-size Halloween treats? Come on, your secret is safe with me. I’m actually pretty capable of rationing out a treat or two every day, but my gentlemen associate can smell candy no matter where it is in the house, and he gets feral from the sugar. […]

Roundup! 9/29/2020

Who loves etymology? I mean, this would have been better served up to all y’all on the equinox, but here we are… Why Does the Season Before Winter Have Two Names? Does anyone hoard journals and notebooks like I do? I have good intentions, but I am reallyREALLY not a journaler. I can do better […]