Thursday Throwdown: July 1

So, usually on Canada Day, I’d be agonizing over how to narrow down my favourite Canadian tunes down to a coherent playlist for you. But this year, there are other things to consider. The number of unmarked graves around residential schools is over a thousand, and it’s going to increase. I mean, not that the […]

Thursday Throwdown: June 10, 2021

Try, try, again, right? We still can’t figure out what the issue was with the randomly not-showing-up playlists. The Swearyverse is not playing nicely with Spotify. But I’m a scholar of the Senator Elizabeth Warren school of Persistence, so we’ll try again. Yeah… So I dunno. It appears to be working now. Technology is hard […]

Thursday Throwdown: June 3, 2021

Welcome to June, friends! In Ontario, we move into a different stage of lockdown (maybe) this week. But no one really knows what that means, because there’s nebulous rules like “Everything is the same except these things, which everyone thought were already changed, so good luck”. So I dunno. Enjoy your week, whatever you’re allowed […]

Feeling vs. Being

I understand that a seizure is an electrical storm in your brain, and in the aftermath, there’s neural short-circuits that need to be detoured as your brain heals itself. And you can’t will it to go faster than it’s going to. Alas.

Thursday Throwdown: May 20

Yeah, I’m a day late. Sorry – but this is still posted in plenty of time to enjoy for your long weekend, so we’ll call it a partial win.It just so happens that yesterday was my wee Pup’s birthday, and he’s 21. TWENTY ONE! A grown-ass man! I mean, not that he’ll ever *not* be […]

Lent Project Day 9: Fairtrade Fortnight

We’re just about half way through Fairtrade Fortnight (who else loves calling to two week periods Fortnights? So much more refined!) Anyway, Fairtrade Fortnight is a campaign from the Fairtrade Foundation in the UK that brings awareness to food scarcity and the campaign to give farmers (especially exploited farmers) a fair wage, decent working conditions, […]