Foodie Friday Roundup

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Foodie Friday is a feature that talks about what I’m cooking. The recipes have got a heavily Italian slant, since that’s where half of my heritage lies, but I also do vegetarian posts during Lent to help the RC Kids in the readership find good ways to keep their fast and abstinence obligations. I also rarely include measurements – this is more of an estimating game. Here’s a roundup of those posts so you don’t have to scroll back 18 months to find the delicious delicious thing you’re looking for.

Heritage Moments, Pinches, and Handfuls

Foodie Friday: Blueberry Pancake of Champions
Foodie Friday: ChopChopChopped Mediterranean Salad
Foodie Friday: Cauliflower Cheese
Foodie Friday: Chard with Garlicky Tahini
Foodie Friday: Breaded Chicken/Veal Cutlets
Foodie Friday: Sausage Party!
Foodie Friday: Potatoes and Beans
Foodie Friday: Pasta and Peas
Foodie Friday: Rigatoni Pasta Pie
Foodie Friday: Soup
Foodie Friday: Impignulata
Foodie Friday: Braciole

Foodie Roundups:

Foodie Friday: Cincinnati’s Top 10
Foodie Friday: Lady Marmalade
Bacon and Ale Trail: After Action