Thursday Throwdown: Quarantine week…. something

Captain’s log, day losttracknow: Still staying the course. I’m increasingly annoyed by people who continue to think that the rules don’t apply to them. Loving that the Region of Waterloo has issued tickets for over $700 (each) to people who get caught out thinking that the rules don’t apply to them. The Schadenfreude is strong […]

Lent 34: Holes

A few years ago, the City of Cambridge was replacing sewer pipes on our street. The thing was, though, because it was going to take a while, they couldn’t just dig these big holes and leave them. If they did, it meant that emergency services would be cut off from our houses, and we would […]

Lent 33: Recalculating Route

There seems to be a bunch of things circulating right now about adjusting expectations. So when my internal GPS is concerned that I should be making a U-turn at the next safe juncture, maybe I shouldn’t just wave it off?

Lent 31: What day is it, again?

At $dayjob, we have a monthly software release cadence. The first Thursday of every month, we publish our documentation suite, release notes, and help packages. There are gates we need to pass through in order to make everything happen to hit release note drafting, review cycles, docs-done dates so we can get the content localized […]