Thursday Throwback – June 16, 2022

Friends, it’s a Summer Miracle. King Louie had to go to his royal physician’s today for the yearly checkup. He has never, in the 11 years we’ve been visiting this vet (nor the 2+ years we visited the one in our previous side of the province), eaten a treat from the tech, the receptionist, the […]

Grati-Twendsday? – June 15, 2022

OK, so I’m technically late for GratiTuesday by 21 minutes. Oops. I did have the draft started on Tuesday, so that’s hopeful, right? Tuesday evenings in the Swearyverse mean a trip to the pool at my local YMCA. Tonight, there was a woman with vision impairment. She was walking slowly between the very shallow swirly […]

GratiTuesday: June 7, 2022

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus – you know this. It happens from time to time when I just need to be looking at a screen less, and looking at the plants in my garden more. But, a writer writes, and I know it’s not cup-filling for me to *just* do the kind […]

FridayFlow: May 6, 2022

I had good intentions of posting this for Thursday Throwdown yesterday, but… well… you know.So I offer you this for a fun start to your weekend, instead. Still totally counts, right?

Lent 2022: The Middle

When my eldest niece was a wee lass, she didn’t want to eat the fruit her mom cut for her. My sister-in-law was getting exasperated at the shrinking list of food the young miss would eat. But Auntie Mary had some skills. I asked my niece if she knew that there was a star hiding […]

Lent 2022: Feast of St. Joseph

Joseph chose faith over fear. He became a father to a child that wasn’t his, he protected his family from those who wished them poor fortune at best, and death at worst. That sounds like a pretty great mentor to me.