Lent 31: What day is it, again?

At $dayjob, we have a monthly software release cadence. The first Thursday of every month, we publish our documentation suite, release notes, and help packages. There are gates we need to pass through in order to make everything happen to hit release note drafting, review cycles, docs-done dates so we can get the content localized […]

Lent 29: Wolves

Because I am always more warm than everyone else, I often wear sleeveless shirts and sweaters at work. I was at a meeting where someone saw my almost-half sleeve tats, and asked me what they were. People often ask me if there‚Äôs a story behind my wolves tattoo. Indeed there is. An old Cherokee is […]

Foodie Friday: ChopChopChopped Mediterranean Salad

It’s Live From Fast and Abstinance Friday! I know, a salad seems like a bit of a side-step on a *recipe*. Especially a chopped salad (Method: Chop things, pour on some dressing, done). But this has been a week. Gentleman Associate and I are now both working from home (for which I am very, very […]

Lent 27: Earth Day

In a not-COVID19 ravaged year, we would spend earth hour sitting in the dark watching hockey. I guess we could sit in the dark binge watching, I don’t know, Picard? So to shut of my laptop early, this one will be a super shortie. May I remember to always use only what I need of […]

Lent 25: Finding the button

There is an experiment in learned helplessness. A dog is put into a room where the floor gives them shocks. At first, when they get a shock on one side of the room, they move to the other side to avoid the punishment. If the whole room is electrified, but there is a button to […]

Thursday Throwdown: Songs for Hermits

I don’t have much in the way of introduction today, folks. We’re still under self-isolation. We’re still on mandatory work-at-home. My gentleman associate and I are figuring out what it means to spend the rhythm of our work days within a few feet of each other, from opposite sides of our dining room table. New […]