Grati-Tuesday: November 22

In October, King Louie’s groomer retired, so after 12 years, we had to find a new groomer to tend to the royal de-sasquatch-ification.  I asked friends at work if they had a suggestion for a groomer who deals with large old dogs. And that is where today’s gratitude list starts. When I asked for recommendations, […]

Grati-Tuesday – October 25, 2022

My dad really, really doesn’t like the change of season from summer to fall and winter. He doesn’t think that the leaves turning colour is as glorious to behold as I do. He thinks that the bare trees are ugly. He loves he spring – green growth and opportunity, and no amount of reminding him […]

Thursday Throwdown: October 6, 2022

Next Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving and I’m taking the whole week off for the Autumn SwearyMissMary Shenaniganza Extravaganza! But before that can happen, I have to finish All The Things at work. And then I have to deal with the case of chicken carcasses on my kitchen floor (Mmmm. Future-Soup!) So there needs to be […]

Grati-Tuesday: October 4, 2022

Without fail, at every wedding and funeral I’ve been to in the last decade, someone has said “We should get together more often”. At funerals it’s with a tinge of regret at the conversations one perhaps should have tried harder to have with the dearly departed. At weddings, it’s with the warm feelings of togetherness […]

Thursday Throwdown: September 28, 2020

Well, friends, I’m changing the format of Thursday Throwdown a bit – I used to give you 30ish minutes, now I’m going to give you a Top 10. I mean, 30 minutes is a nice, friendly way to tell time – I try to do a Outer Order, Inner Calm thing periodically over the week […]

Grati-Tuesday meets Foodie Friday

As I mentioned last week, my birthday was on this past weekend. To celebrate a big milestone, I decided to actually move forward with my Paella-Palooza party. The idea got planted as a direct result of Preston Food Crawl and nomnomnom, I have no regrets. I booked my party for 11 people, and promply at […]

Thursday Throwdown: All Mary, Full of Beats

Nananananana! You say it’s your birthday? Nananananana! It’s my birthday… erm… on Sunday. So you know the drill, the throwdown before my birthday is all about me! I sometimes joke about how dinosaurs roamed the land and the earth was still cooling when I was young (and I know, *technically* it’s still cooling), but want […]