Thursday Throwdown: 1997

Well, that seems random, huh? It just so happens that my gentleman associate and I got married that year – 23 years ago – and our anniversary is this weekend. I dunno. Maybe I’ve used this theme before. Anyway, the edges of the musical continuum that year featured Elton John’s ubiquitous Candle in the Wind […]

On Trying to be a Good Ally

Once upon a time,¬† almost 20 years ago, I drove from Canada to Florida with my mom, my sister, and my then-infant son. We stopped to eat at the Waffle House because that’s what you do when there are Waffle Houses in the vicinity.¬†There was a young African American woman who was our server, and […]

Thursday Throwdown: A Little Grungy

Yes, I know that The Who and Rush aren’t grunge. But I have to think of a title for these things that’s not “We’re still in Quarantine” or “Songs I Like, part 63 in a series”. The radio thinks they’re all classic rock now, which some of them actually are. I like how these fit […]

Thursday Throwdown – WOC

This certainly isn’t the definitive list of amazing music by women of colour. But it’s a selection of my favourites, and there’s some benefit to being the author of this. Be good to each other, friends.

Thursday Throwdown: Except Friday

Holyhell. What day is it? Have I even done last week’s throwdown yet? I don’t think so. So friends, for the days that are 85 hours long, and the weeks that last twentyseventeen days, cut loose a bit. I don’t have a theme other than these songs make me cheerful along the way. And even […]

Foodie Friday: Blueberry Pancake of Champions

So, this recipe is a riff on a Dutch Baby pancakes. But my house has more frozen blueberries than apples right now, and blueberry season isn’t *that* far away, so here’s where we find ourselves. These blueberries came from my friend Sarah’s parents’ farm. They’re so good that I got a flat of them and […]

Beuller? Beuuler??

I have taken some time off from Sweary Obligations since Easter. Sorry about that. I’m in a career wherein I can work from home, and this is week 10 of that. I mean, it’s nice that I’m not missing any paychecks, and I’m not at risk, here in the Sweary Command Center, with my son […]