The Humble Beasts

On the Feast of St. Hubert, we ask for humility at the death of one of God’s creatures. It’s fitting thta we celebrate this whilst we wear our poppies because during wartime and in the aftermath, animals play a big part in the military effort.

Known and Unknown

OK. Everyone knows I loves me the pantheon of RC Saints. Over the course of the year, I go to the Rolodex of Saints often to ask for help for my own worldly hurts, and to ask for their intercession with The Big Guy Upstairs. Need a saint to help you find a replacement of […]

Thursday Throwdown: Halloweenie!

My office is hardcore into Halloween. There’s contests for team areas, and for dog, individual, and team costumes. Right now, I’m sitting in “Andy’s Room” and the pod next to me (also my team) is Pizza Planet, complete with our claw game that you can use to pick your treat (tattoos, and stickers and pencils […]

The Unknown Soldier

Holding vigil has been a part of my life forever. When I was young, it was the time when, after a family member died, you circled the wagons to mourn together. Others arrived to pay their respects, we celebrated a life passed, and at the end of the vigil period, we moved on, having taken […]

I am the Master of my Fate

I had the privilege of going to one of the first days of the Invictus games in Toronto a few years back. I watched the competitors file out onto the field, some with their companion animals, some with prostheses, some with damage internal. It occurred to me that every competitor was there because of a […]