Right and Not-Wrong

When I was a wee lass, we used to get a loaf of bread at the bakery on the way home from Mass on Sunday mornings. If there were any little crusty bits that I could break off and eat in the car, I was happy to snap them off and eat them. Unfortunately, my […]

Thursday Throwdown Challenge

There’s a ton of research on how music imprints itself on your brain (see extra credit, below). So sometime during the summer, when a friend’s friend posted a song challenge that listed a song category for every day of the month, it piqued my interest. I’ve looked at the list a few times, but it […]

Revisiting Nine-Eleven

Child was 1 year old when towers fell and the pentagon burned and thousands died. The news websites crashed under the weight of people trying to find out what was happening, so when someone managed to connect, we gathered around their desk, horrified as the day unraveled. My boss was a giant C-U-next-Tuesday, and decided […]