Worst of times and best of times

Happy Sunday, friends! This isn’t a Lent reflection because technically, Sundays don’t count as Lent. I don’t know… I don’t make the rules. Still, I feel like it’s good to check in with all y’all, so I’mma do a Sunday post anyway. Several years ago, there were a series of severe storms that spawned funnel […]

Lent 22: Reading the Labels

One of my first jobs in high school was working with a young girl named Lisa. She had Down Syndrome and she was saddled with all the things that people thought she couldn’t do. She was smart enough to realize that people didn’t expect much of her, so she contented herself with doing more fun […]

Lent 20: Never Stop Singing

Two nights ago, I from the safety of my own dining room, I attended Choir!ntine: Epic Social Distan-Sing-Along! The folks from Choir! Choir! Choir! decided that a sing-along was in order, so NINE THOUSAND people signed on and sang along with them for a little over an hour. It was what this girl needed. Because […]

Thursday Throwdown: Songs for Self Distancing

The news on what’s closed and what’s not seems to change almost hourly. Last week $Dayjob instituted the Voluntary Work At Home measure. This week they changed that. Today is the first day my key to the building will not work. We’re locked out. We’re on Mandatory Work At Home for the next 3 weeks. […]

Lent 18: St Patrick’s Day

Oh happy day! I get to spin through the Rollodex of Catholic Saints *two days in a row*. Ohboyoboyoboy! Most people don’t know who the patron saint of Canada is, but there’s some verdant appeal to Patrick that (spoiler alert) scalped missionaries just don’t have. I’m a big fan of patron saints, and in the […]

Lent 17: PlagueWatch2020

It should surprise no one that I found the patron saint invoked against The Plague: St. Roch. Totally found him by accident. I was looking for a particular story about saints that are associated with animals. Not, like how St. Francis is the general Saint of flora and fauna. St. Roch (not the story I […]