Pre-Lent: The joy of Pączki

Several jobs ago, I went on a field trip at work to the print house that published our user guides (in the days of yore when we still printed user guides). They had a post card in their lobby that they produced for a record company or a radio station or something. It had image […]

Countdown to Lent 2022: Fat Thursday

Usually, around Epiphany, I think to myself, “Self, let’s see when Lent starts so we’re not surprised“. Then, around Valentine’s Day (in years when Lent starts after Valentine’s day, that is), I think to myself, “Self, Let’s have another look at the calendar – Lent must be starting soon.” I want to be prepared, because […]

Lent Project -6: Fat Thursday

Welcome to the vestibule of the Lent Project. Lately, it seems like there’s been a push to reconnect to your roots. Companies will analyze your DNA to see where you’re *really* from. I wonder why this is so important, but that might be because I know the general path my DNA has taken through Europe. […]