Advent Journey: St. Barbara’s Branch

The Catholic Pantheon of Saints is a pretty great thing. I’m a big fan appealing to patron saints when I (or someone for whom I pray) needs help with something – like anything. There are patrons for everything from beekeepers to women in labour; from to accountants to vintners. You have a need, we’ve got […]

Lent 2022: Feast of St. Joseph

Joseph chose faith over fear. He became a father to a child that wasn’t his, he protected his family from those who wished them poor fortune at best, and death at worst. That sounds like a pretty great mentor to me.

Lent 29: Wolves

Because I am always more warm than everyone else, I often wear sleeveless shirts and sweaters at work. I was at a meeting where someone saw my almost-half sleeve tats, and asked me what they were. People often ask me if there‚Äôs a story behind my wolves tattoo. Indeed there is. An old Cherokee is […]

Lent 17: PlagueWatch2020

It should surprise no one that I found the patron saint invoked against The Plague: St. Roch. Totally found him by accident. I was looking for a particular story about saints that are associated with animals. Not, like how St. Francis is the general Saint of flora and fauna. St. Roch (not the story I […]

Happy St. Jean de Baptiste Day!

Joyeux St. Jean de Baptiste, mes amis! The St. Jean de Baptiste celebrations have been going on in Quebec for over 400 years. It’s a celebration of French culture, but it may have actually happened because some prominent leaders in Quebec at the time attended a St. Patrick’s Day celebration and said, ‘We should totally […]

Tony, Tony, Turn Around

Yesterday was the festival of St. Anthony. St. Anthony is the patron saint (amongst other stuff) of lost things. The prayer to St. Anthony that I like best is: Tony, Tony, turn around, Something’s lost that must be found. Some of you might be more familiar with the Hymn of St Anthony. It goes more […]