The Dramatis Personae

It occurs to me that mayhap some of my readers might not actually know who I’m talking about when I name drop without qualifying.

Mike: The husband. The stoic gentleman associate.

Connor: The child (and often called Child. Sometimes The Pup). Self-identifies as a grown-ass man now that he’s 21.

King Louie: The Dog (not to be confused with the Pup). Benevolent regent of the kingdom of Dogswald. Also the sometimes-office dog at my DayJob.

Rosie (Queen of Corona): My super rad, supremely talented, uproariously funny baby sister. You have to sing it like Paul Simon… Rooooo-sie, Queen of Corooonaaa!

Coocoolooloo and The Chief: My mom and dad. I’m not sure who gave either of them those nicknames (or why), but they’ve stuck for over 3 decades.

The Uncles: My Uncle Jack and Uncle Beano. These two were best friends in life, and both lived into their 90’s. They were hysterical to watch together, and I can just imagine the shenanigans these two got into in their youth. The Uncles taught me much about cooking the things our family enjoyed throughout the year, from Braciole to Pizzelle cookies. These two are further proof that the Shenanigan gene does, indeed travel through families in the best possible ways.