Thursday Throwdown: August 4, 2022

It’s Guilty Pleasure time, friends. I know, I know. Usually when this happens I’ve got some terrible (if by terrible you mean AMAZING) mix with, like Pia Zadora and Boney M and ABBA and Olivia Newton-John (Look away if you must, but there will NEVER be a time when I’m not obligated to share (clapclapclap) […]

GratiTuesday – August 2, 2022

Two weeks ago, I was at my Dayjob user conference in Boston. In the days before that, I was madly making lists of things I needed to take with me, consulting presentations and lists provided by People Who Know about these things. We were getting staff shirts, which certainly make us recognizable to folks attending […]

Thursday Throwdown: July 14, 2022

This could have gone a few ways, really.  I’m going to see La Cenerentola (Cinderella) by Gioachino Rossini tonight. And I quite enjoy opera. I have a few East Village Opera Company tracks on my go-to playlist. Sadly, they’re on haitus, but through the magic of Spotify or, yaknow, my physical CDs, I can still […]

Foodie Friday Recap: Preston Food Crawl

The best possible way to come home from a vacation is to have a few things to do in the following days to make the post-vacay crash a little less… crashy. And a scant 40 hours after we returned home, there was a really great event to pull us out of the spiral: The Preston […]

Thursday Throwdown: July 7, 2022

You know how sometimes when you get back from some time off work, you don’t feel like you’re firing on all cylinders until, like, 20 minutes before you’re done the day. And no amount of caffeine or protein or swearwords is going to help you avoid getting a little crispy on re-entry? Yeah, that. At […]

Happy Canada Day 2022!

The city where I live hosts a Canada Day parade that passes within a few blocks of my house. Apparently it’s the longest in Canada, which doesn’t seem right, but could be. I can wax poetic about my neighbourhood at the best of times, but this parade really is a great thing. The streets are […]

Thursday Throwdown: June 39, 2022

Well, friends, for the first time in what feels like eleventy thousand years, I’m on vacation. I can’t even describe for you how I pine for the ocean when I’m landlocked. I mean, I live Canada – land of a bazillion rivers – and I’m within walking distance to the confluence of two, even!). I’m […]


A few days ago, my neighbour texted me to say that there was a bat in her house. She wanted me to unlock her door so the pest control people could get in. I felt increasingly uneasy about this, because while I know that pest control people can’t harm threatened critters, you never know. I’m […]