The Secret Ingredient

. When someone is facing a challenge, we send them, in whatever words we individually wrap around them, our support. We focus energy outward for the benefit of someone else. And sometimes, that someone perceives it and it provides a however-brief respite from their troubles.

Thursday Throwdown: September 17

There’s a fellow that I work with who grew up in the same musical soup that I did. The goth-y, new wave-y, alternative scene with a soup├žon of top 40 as our dirty little secret. He’ll post a VEMO video as a smartass comment on something in one of our internal Slack channels. And that […]

Thursday Throwdown: September 10

Several of these bubbled up in a “Let me guess what you like” random music generator. I mean, it’d be a pretty sad day when there wasn’t something on a list that I didn’t know all the words to – from Glen Miller and Louis Prima to released-this-year up-and-comers. I likes me some music. Be […]

Tomato Panic

Every September, I inventory the jars in my basement to ensure that there are enough get La Famiglia through the crappy-tomato-months of winter. And no matter what the total, I’m never convinced it’s actually enough.

Thursday Throwdown: Welcome to September!

These songs have nothing to do with the calendar month. As we discussed a few weeks ago, this is going to be a (mostly) “What I’m listening to this week” feature, sprinkled randomly with themes because sometimes I can’t help myself. So… September. I’m just happy that it’s finally September. Soon I’ll be wearing tights […]