Thursday Throwdown: September 28, 2020

Well, friends, I’m changing the format of Thursday Throwdown a bit – I used to give you 30ish minutes, now I’m going to give you a Top 10. I mean, 30 minutes is a nice, friendly way to tell time – I try to do a Outer Order, Inner Calm thing periodically over the week […]

Grati-Tuesday meets Foodie Friday

As I mentioned last week, my birthday was on this past weekend. To celebrate a big milestone, I decided to actually move forward with my Paella-Palooza party. The idea got planted as a direct result of Preston Food Crawl and nomnomnom, I have no regrets. I booked my party for 11 people, and promply at […]

Thursday Throwdown: All Mary, Full of Beats

Nananananana! You say it’s your birthday? Nananananana! It’s my birthday… erm… on Sunday. So you know the drill, the throwdown before my birthday is all about me! I sometimes joke about how dinosaurs roamed the land and the earth was still cooling when I was young (and I know, *technically* it’s still cooling), but want […]

Grati-Tuesday/World Gratitude Day 2022

Happy Wednesday, Friends! I know that this definitely isn’t Tuesday, but today is World Gratitude Day. And in my way of trying to include whatever celebrations the Internets or some social media feed provides, so best to piggyback them, am I right?  I try to show gratitude whenever I can. I don’t have a gratitude […]

Thursday Throwdown: September 15, 2022

Well, Friends, the weather has caught up to the month. When I walk King Louie in the evenings, there’s a definite chill in the air. There are leaves starting to collect on the windward side of the sidewalk, still bright as I crunch through them. This is my favourite time of year. Windows wide open […]

Grati-Tuesday: September 13, 2022

Happy Tuesday, Friends. Since we last talked gratitude, Queen Elizabeth II died. I have complicated feelings. As a child I loved the really great pictures of her on everything from fancy plates to collector spoons and tea tins to arena walls and highschool foyers and hospital waiting rooms. I loved that she served in the […]

First Language(s)

As part of my $dayJob, I consider how the words I write will translate into other languages in which we publish and post our content. I’ve got tools in my toolbox for writing for a global audience, and how to help folks reading something that is not their first language. My first language is English. […]

Thursday Throwdown: September 8, 2022

There was a bit of fluff that floated by on one of my social media feeds a while ago: You get a million dollars to sing a song, but you have to sing EVERY word correctly, by memory. And my tired mind was thinking about how many millions I could make by just scrolling through […]

Grati-Tuesday: September 6, 2022

September means tomatoes in my part of the world. I’ve slowed waaaay down from the peak of my homesteading effort. Back then, no fruit or vegetable was safe from me trying to find a way to boil it into a jar for later. I still do strawberry jam when we don’t have any (but we […]

Thursday Throwdown: September 1, 2022

Helllloooooo, September! September is my favourite month. The weather is friendly in that glorious place between too hot and too cold (whatever too cold even means. Sounds mythical to me.) September acts as a friendlier New Year than the shouty New Year in January. But really, more things start anew in September – school, arts […]