Grati-Tuesday: The Grinder

Over the Christmas gauntlet, whilst sitting at one of several gatherings of La Famiglia, we decided that we haven’t made sausage in a while, and that’s something we should do. We should gather again. We should make sausage. It was my job to watch the flyers for when pork legs were on sale. And of […]

Grati-Tuesday: Twenty-Twenty-two

Holy Smokes, Tuesday already! This one snuck up on me. Today was the first day back to work after that weird time when you don’t know what day it is for 2 weeks and days merge together and last tuesday feels like twenty minutes ago and last sunday and the one before that merge into […]

Grati-Tuesday – Year End edition

We made it through the Christmas gauntlet, friends. Sometimes there’s a denouement in this space, sometimes a great deal of relief, sometimes a bit of melancholy that after all the effort to get here, it’s just… done. There’s a bit of celebrating still to do in La Famiglia and the Casa Di Swears. My sister’s […]

Oh, Holy Night

It’s a little after noon on Christmas Eve. My $dayjob work is done until 5 days hence. I need to make a salad (a palate-cleansing shaved fennel, frisee, and cabbage with cara-cara oranges and red onion) for La Famiglia’s version of the Feast of the Seven Fishes, and I’m already thinking that the late-breakfast I […]

Thursday Throwdown: Christmas 2021

Remember last year when most of us made the difficult decision to not celebrate with friends and family. We hunkered down and we thought, “Feh. It’s only one year”. Well, this isn’t full quarantine, I guess because a year ago there wasn’t yet a vaccine plan. Still, this sure isn’t what one would call a […]

What nonsense is this? The Christmas Edition

Remember last year, when (in Ontario at least) we couldn’t have Christmas with our families? Many of us made the very difficult decision to follow the shelter in place quarantine orders and just stay home. To not visit our parents and siblings. I dunno, maybe it was easy for some. We didn’t go to the […]

GratiTuesday: All that glitters: ALL of it

My house kinda looks like the crime scene of a Christmas Fairy massacre. There is glitter *everywhere*. It seems like at least 83% by weight of the Christmas decor in and around my house is sparkley. My eyes feel gritty just thinking about it. But it isn’t going to stop me. Because you know what […]

Grati-Tuesday: (wo)man’s best friend

Yesterday, King Louie turned 13. That’s a lot of birthdays for a large dog, and I’m thankful for every day I get to spend with him. We have a language we share. When he shakes his head at me, it means “Foodmonkey, I’m serious”. When I scoop my arms in a wide arc above my […]