Thursday Throwdown – January 26, 2023

So this morning, I said to myself, “Self, we should get a throwdown playlist together so it’s ready to go on Thursday”. Except that today is Thursday – It’s been that kind of week. I mean, I know why – I had a day off on Tuesday for an impromptu trip out of town, and […]

Thursday Throwdown: Jan 19, 2023

These Throwdowns often start with a single song as their anchor, and kinda spin out from there. This week, the anchor was A$ston Wyld’s Next Level. I like it when a song I forgot about surfaces, and that’s what happened here.

Thursday Throwdown: January 12, 2023

It helps if I actually *publish* the post, not just write it, huh? Sheesh. So here we go – we’re almost a fortnight into the new year. I’ve got a slow start to that, too – but I usually do so that I can come up with my Word of the Year and my goal […]

Advent Journey: St. Barbara’s Branch

The Catholic Pantheon of Saints is a pretty great thing. I’m a big fan appealing to patron saints when I (or someone for whom I pray) needs help with something – like anything. There are patrons for everything from beekeepers to women in labour; from to accountants to vintners. You have a need, we’ve got […]

Advent Journey: If you’re gonna say it, do it

As I get older, I have an increasingly difficult time tolerating people who don’t know what the AF they’re doing, but they act like they do, they profess they do, and they talk down to you, as if they do. But they really, really don’t. A significant part of my whitehotfury is directed at hypocrites […]

Advent Journey: Carrying the Burden

December 1 is, for many people, the threshold over which we must pass before it’s good form to turn on Christmas lights, put up a Christmas tree or decorate their home. I like to start a little earlier so it doesn’t have to feel like so much to do – decorate the house and the […]

Advent Journey: Fanatic

When my sister and I were in elementary and high school, my dad attended every parent-teacher interview we had. ALL of them. We were both good students, and there was no reason for him to take up a slot when there was nothing that the teachers needed to discuss, but that didn’t dissuade my dad. […]

Advent Journey: Over the mountain, or around it?

In my $dayJob, I am a technical writer for an educational technology company. Our product is a big, highly customizable software package with tons of options and ability to turn on and turn off features for everyone or specific roles of people. As advocates for helping our clients do their best work, we create help […]