Thursday Throwdown: Jan 14, 2021

This Monday (5 days hence) it’s Blue Monday. I didn’t even know this was a thing until last year. Blue Monday is a (fabricated by the Travel Industry) holiday? Day of observation? Lets go with gimmick, shall we? Blue Monday is a (fabricated by the Travel Industry) gimmick that purports that the third Monday is […]

Thursday Throwdown: Jan 7

Well, welcome to 2021, friends! In Ontario, we’re in a quarantine lockdown again. Christmas and the end of the year was quiet and slow. I’ve had a few days off earlier this week, and I’m ready to wade into 2021 in full stride. And wading totally requires some tunes, amirite?

All the things there isn’t

It would be easy to become morose with the things that aren’t going to (or can’t) happen this year. But you know, if I focus on the things I don’t get to have, I won’t focus on the things I do.

Start where you are

Last winter I was not in a good headspace.  I didn’t do well with the Remembrance Project last year, and the Advent project came hot on it’s heels and I just didn’t feel like I had the introspection chops, so I just didn’t even start the Advent project. Little did I know what was just […]

The Active Route

At the beginning of September, I wrote a post about my experience with epilepsy (What the Seizures Stole). Well, I got the report and the good news is that the tests are all clear. The kicker is that’s also the bad news. There’s nothing to indicate why I had those seizures, nothing new to add […]

What’s the opposite of a strength?

There seems to be a cultural value that’s placed on some traits, and a stigma that’s attached to others. Someone has a strength, and because I don’t, that is a… weakness. Is the opposite of having a strength having a weakness, or is it having a different strength.

Remembrance Project: Remembrance Day 2020

Today I stood out on my walkway with Child. It was a lovely warm day where I am. We stood and waited for two honour flights to pass overhead – one flightpath went over cenotaphs, one over cemeteries where veterans now rest. I asked him how it felt for him to not be in his […]