Music Monday: Remembrance

I’ve kind of been slack on the posts in the last week; I have the start of several that I just couldn’t push over the finish line. Alas. Couldawouldashoulda. Apologies friends. I promised a fortnight of reflections and I failed you. But today is Remembrance Day and I have a post underway. Before we get […]

War on Campus

Three semi-random bits of information have converged to spawn the thinkythoughts for this post: Item the first:  I went to Cardinal Newman Catholic High School in Hamilton. A few weeks ago, John Henry Cardinal Newman was canonized at the Vatican. As I was reading some of the press about (now Saint) John Henry Newman on […]

The Humble Beasts

On the Feast of St. Hubert, we ask for humility at the death of one of God’s creatures. It’s fitting thta we celebrate this whilst we wear our poppies because during wartime and in the aftermath, animals play a big part in the military effort.

Known and Unknown

OK. Everyone knows I loves me the pantheon of RC Saints. Over the course of the year, I go to the Rolodex of Saints often to ask for help for my own worldly hurts, and to ask for their intercession with The Big Guy Upstairs. Need a saint to help you find a replacement of […]