Thursday Throwdown: Except Friday

Holyhell. What day is it? Have I even done last week’s throwdown yet? I don’t think so. So friends, for the days that are 85 hours long, and the weeks that last twentyseventeen days, cut loose a bit. I don’t have a theme other than these songs make me cheerful along the way. And even […]

Foodie Friday: Blueberry Pancake of Champions

So, this recipe is a riff on a Dutch Baby pancakes. But my house has more frozen blueberries than apples right now, and blueberry season isn’t *that* far away, so here’s where we find ourselves. These blueberries came from my friend Sarah’s parents’ farm. They’re so good that I got a flat of them and […]

Beuller? Beuuler??

I have taken some time off from Sweary Obligations since Easter. Sorry about that. I’m in a career wherein I can work from home, and this is week 10 of that. I mean, it’s nice that I’m not missing any paychecks, and I’m not at risk, here in the Sweary Command Center, with my son […]

Thursday Throwdown: Still Grounded

Still in lockdown.Still working at the Casa Di Swears Command Center every day. My gentleman associate works on the other side of the table and my grown-ass-man-child is beside me, finishing up his exams and then who-knows-what. We’re watching him play Legend of Zelda (which is waaaay different from when we started playing it on […]

Easter 2020

We did it! Lent is a time when RC kids prepare the way of the Lord. I know I started talking about Godspell and JCS earlier, but seriously, who knows Godspell? Sing it with me: Preeepare ye the way of the Lord; Preeepare ye the way. Of. The. Lord! I love that one. It’s the […]

Lent 37: Good Friday

Traditionally, on Good Friday, the RC kids hold vigil. We attend mass in the middle of the afternoon. In my world, the family gathers at my parents’ house for Good Friday Fishfest, and we talk about how the bounty of food in front of us doesn’t feel like we’re denying ourselves in accordance with the […]