Thursday Throwdown: You do you, Boo

You know how sometimes in movies like, say Jurassic Park, when the T-Rex shows up unexpectedly and they have to floor it to keep the jeeps (and keep Jeff Goldblum) out of the snapping jaws? Must go faster!

Or, say, Pirates of the Caribbean, when our protagonists are happily crossing a vine bridge, and suddenly, they realize that someone is chopping at the ropes so they need to book it to get across before they end up at the bottom of the chasm?

Sometimes, you don’t get to choose the speed at which your plans will roll out in front of you. Sometimes, you’re thinking that you’re going to be the pace car, and the universe shows up and says “Strap in, bitches, we’re dropping the hammer”.

I find myself in just such a scenario. I had set a milestone of June for some of this year’s goal work, and the universe provided a counter proposal of this week. Turns out, the Universe wins. In semi-related news, I get to put a check mark on my year’s to do list. That’s good, right?

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