Throwdown Thursday: The Trews

When I was a young warthog (WHEN HE WAS A YOUNG WARTHOG!!), ma would put on music in the car on the way home from places, and one of the albums she kept in her car was Den of Thieves. Small child MacDonald must have thought that album only had two songs, because all I remembered was singing lines like “We’re all broken hearted here,” “I only drink with friends or total strangers,” and “I’ve been drinking too much, I’d better go home,” from Ishmael and Maggie and Poor Old Broken Hearted Me.

Yaknow, that actually helps put some of my life decisions into perspective when I know what I was singing about as a wee lad.

But no matter. To this day The Trews are still one of my favorite bands and, one of the best Canadian Bands. Don’t @ me. I love their music, and how they are able to easily able to switch from easier going songs like Bar Star and Yearning and to pretty hard rock songs like Power of Positive Drinking and So She’s leaving

So, in honour of their new single Touch, and because I honestly think my mom forgot that I was still on this thing, here are a bunch of Canadian Classics. At least in my opinion.

Best. Canadian. Band.

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