Roundup! 9/29/2020

Photo by Craig Adderley on

Who loves etymology? I mean, this would have been better served up to all y’all on the equinox, but here we are… Why Does the Season Before Winter Have Two Names?

Does anyone hoard journals and notebooks like I do? I have good intentions, but I am reallyREALLY not a journaler. I can do better with projects that last, say, a year or a season. So if you’re like me and you have a pile of journals kicking around and you’re always itching to buy more, I give you… 30 ways to use a blank notebook.

Without comment, Ponyhenge.

Can we all agree that Ryan Reynolds is a treasure? Aviation Gin Home School Edition. Also: Laughing Man Coffee company. Because the only thing better than Ryan Reynolds, is Ryan Reynolds *and* Hugh Jackman.

And lastly, Bucher Billy’s Post Punk Supervillain Squad series. Why yes, Siouxie, I would definitely like to be a hench-banshee….

Enjoy your week, friends!

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