Thursday Throwdown: September 28, 2020

Well, friends, I’m changing the format of Thursday Throwdown a bit – I used to give you 30ish minutes, now I’m going to give you a Top 10. I mean, 30 minutes is a nice, friendly way to tell time – I try to do a Outer Order, Inner Calm thing periodically over the week with a 30 minute timebox so that I don’t get distracted, or have to pee, or just run out of steam. But sometimes 30 minutes means that there are 4 extended versions of my (that week) favourite club mixes. And sometimes 30 minutes means 12 quick and dirty radio-edits. And sometimes I threw the 30 minute timebox out the window completely (see: My Birthday, or Canada Day, or Christmas, variously) Ten is always ten.
So here’s the inaugural new 10pack format.
Also, there’s a bit of salty language in some of these – in case you don’t want me to be complicit in teaching your impressionable children something they aught not learn today.

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