Lent 18: St Patrick’s Day

Photo by Pressmaster on Pexels.com

Oh happy day! I get to spin through the Rollodex of Catholic Saints *two days in a row*. Ohboyoboyoboy!

Most people don’t know who the patron saint of Canada is, but there’s some verdant appeal to Patrick that (spoiler alert) scalped missionaries just don’t have. I’m a big fan of patron saints, and in the pantheon of Catholic Saints, Patrick seems to be one that lots of people know because he holds court over a day filled with parades and parties (usually, C19 notwithstanding), green beer, and possibly more kiss requests than his cohort, Valentine. But I digress. In Ireland, St. Patrick explained the Trinity using the shamrock, which eventually became the national flower of the Emerald Isle. He also chased all the snakes out of Ireland. And to celebrate his effort, folks in North America wear green and think that they’re all the Lord of the Dance. That’s OK. God likes it when we’re joyful.

This Lent, may I figure out what I want to (or need to) chase out of my life.

PSA: Please don’t put yourself or others at risk to have a few barleypops. There will be other celebrations when we all get through this pandemic. Stay safe, friends.

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