GratiTuesday: All that glitters: ALL of it

Oh Norfolk pine, oh Norfolk pine, how lovely are your branches!

My house kinda looks like the crime scene of a Christmas Fairy massacre. There is glitter *everywhere*. It seems like at least 83% by weight of the Christmas decor in and around my house is sparkley. My eyes feel gritty just thinking about it. But it isn’t going to stop me. Because you know what goes best with the incurable poxy of glitter? Twinkling lights. And I have those too.

The Pretend Christmas tree is sitting bright and glorious in my living room. The skinny flocked pencil tree is in my office. I still get a little wistful when I see trees wrapped in plastic netting affixed to the top of SUVs, and I have a few moments of regret in my heart – as I will every year when we put up the pretend trees. But I know that pretend trees are the good choice for my itchy eyes and allergies. I did buy a little Norfolk Pine, and assuming that I don’t let it languish miserably before dying a crispy death, I’ll have that as my Real Tree.

So where’s the gratitude going this week?
Epiphany comes early! Sure, it’s not 12th night, but I have had the eureka moment where I realized that I need to finish projects already on my plate before I take on any more. So, we decorated before we baked. And in the meantime, I lay in bed with the covers pulled over my head (so as not to disturb my gentleman associate) scrolling on my phone through all the Candidates for BiscottiMadness and CookiePalooza2021.

Child has always liked a teenytiny nativity that I’ve had for his whole life. Last year, it spent the Christmas season locked in my desk at work. This year, the first thing I did when I got into my office was to put the teenytiny nativity in my bag to bring home. Child took it to school with him and has set it up. Right now, it’s Jesus-less. Because if he put JC in there right now, he’d be pretty premature, wouldn’t he? Of course, silly me. Everyone’s got their own path to the manger. Even the guest of honour.

It only took me 49 years to figure out that if you wrap Christmas gifts as they come into the house, you don’t have to stay up to an undignified hour on Christmas Eve to wrap them. Smartypantsdance.

Lunch with my dad. My dad came to visit me last week (mostly to pick up his half of our bagel delivery), and we had modest repast of a bowl of soup and a bagel together. I like how our conversations have changed over the course of my life, and I like how we laugh together as we share how things have been going.

Makers. I went to the One of a Kind show in Toronto last week. I intended to buy some sugar scrub from Matter Company, some deodorant from LoveFresh and some tea from Tealish. I ended up with a pair of handmade leather boots from Anna Maria Dessin, a fine-knit (almost jersey) scarf from Geneviève Dostaler, a pair of silver hoop earrings, and some Christmas presents. Because buying from someone who makes things they love and lives their passion and shares beautiful things with the world is an excellent way to spend my money. And did I mention HANDMADE LEATHER BOOTS?? My Uncle Charlie (who was a cobbler) smiled down at us from wherever he is now.

So yes, a good week. May your slide into the holidays be as soul-filling as mine has been.

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