Thursday Throwdown: May 25, 2023

At work, on our Slack App, we have a Music channel where someone throws out a theme, and all the members of the channel pile on. It’s pretty great to get amazing new recommendations. Because I’m not saying that my playlists are well worn in, I’m just sayin’.

So this week’s inspiration comes from one of my colleagues in the form of the amazing Kawehi. It started with this today (maybe don’t play this within earshot of youngins lest we expand their vocabulary in unfortunate ways):

Closer by NIN (Cover by Kawehi)

I also recommend her version of Smells like Teen Spirit. But I also feel like I could fangirl for a while here, so lets move on.

So yeah, that’s what spawned the playlist today. And everyone needs a little Siouxie with a side of Amanda Palmer, amirite?

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